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Quality and integrity report

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The quality and integrity report issued by the company is compiled according to the relevant national quality laws and regulations, rules and related industry quality standards and norms. The quality integrity and quality management of the company in the report is a true reflection of the company's current situation. The Company is responsible for the objectivity of the report content and the authenticity and scientificity of the relevant discussion and conclusions.
Scope of report:

The organization scope of this report is Aogong Valve Co., LTD. This report describes the company's philosophy, system, measures taken and achievements in quality management, product quality responsibility, quality and integrity management during the period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

Report release form:

The company regularly releases the quality credit report once a year. This report is published in the form of electronic document on the company's network platform and Intranet. You are welcome to read it and give your valuable comments.

General manager's speech

Integrity is the basic principle of enterprise, Aogong Valve Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a fair, transparent, open environment and corporate culture for all participants in the value chain of the company.

Aogong Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the professional production of metal hard seal ball valve science and technology enterprises. The company is people-oriented, technology as the core, market-oriented, quality as the guarantee, committed to scientific and technological innovation, under the assistance of relevant research institutions and user units, Has developed large diameter bidirectional metal hard seal eccentric half ball valve, polysilicon special ball valve, coal chemical special ball valve, track bidirectional hard seal ball valve, aluminum plant special ball valve, high temperature lock slag ball valve, non-standard ball valve and other series of ball valves. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric power, metallurgy, paper, sewage treatment and other industries, well received by users.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of quality management system, established a perfect quality management system, and passed the quality management system certification, for the company to further expand the market to provide reliable quality assurance. The company has established a set of scientific and perfect quality control system, the products are in line with the national standards in the industry and Zhejiang manufacturing group standards, widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. In addition, the company has also established the environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, and passed the certification.

In modern economic society, integrity is not only a code of ethics, but also an important resource that can bring economic benefits to enterprises. Quality and integrity is the core element to win customers. Enterprise culture requires all employees to be honest, establish themselves with sincerity, shape the integrity culture, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to build an excellent enterprise popular with customers.

                                                                                                               Aogong Valve Co., LTD. General Manager: Zhang Xiongjie

Report body

Company profile

Aogong Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, the company is located in "China pump valve town "- Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Is a research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the professional production of metal hard seal ball valve science and technology enterprises.

The company has 8 national patents, 2 have obtained national invention patents, is eccentric half ball valve, national standard (GB/T26146-2010) drafting unit, coal chemical special ball valve national standard (JB/T12797) drafting unit, with CAD, CAM development, design and manufacturing and ERP enterprise resource planning management system, It has 60 sets of machining centers, CNC machine tools and gold cutting processing equipment, and 20 sets of comprehensive performance testing equipment for physical and chemical, non-destructive testing and spectral analysis of valves.

The company is people-oriented, technology as the core, market-oriented, quality as the guarantee, committed to scientific and technological innovation, under the assistance of relevant research institutions and user units, Has developed large diameter bidirectional metal hard seal eccentric half ball valve, polysilicon special ball valve, coal chemical special ball valve, track bidirectional hard seal ball valve, aluminum plant special ball valve, high temperature lock slag ball valve, non-standard ball valve and other series of ball valves. All the technologies have reached an excellent level. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric power, metallurgy, paper, sewage treatment and other industries, well received by users.

Leading The Times, serving the society, is our belief and obligation!

Excellence and perfection, endless, is our goal and pursuit!

Enterprise quality concept

Since its inception, the company has been committed to product quality control. Always uphold product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and development, is to occupy the market and win the prerequisite for customers, quality comes from my heart, the enterprise depends on the quality concept of customers, and constantly improve and enhance the quality management level of the company. Since the company through the quality management system certification company always adhere to the "quality of survival, technology and development. Market-oriented, adhere to continuous improvement, to protect customers.

"Satisfied" quality policy, in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations requirements, quality management system standard requirements, quality manual requirements, program file requirements, so that the enterprise quality management system is effectively run, so that the product quality has been a strong guarantee and continuous improvement, so that the enterprise quality objectives can be basically achieved. In order to fundamentally strengthen and enhance quality management and improve the company's operating quality, the company takes the introduction of performance excellence model as an opportunity to implement total quality management, use project management, and constantly look for improvement opportunities to improve quality management through internal audit, self-evaluation, second party audit, third party audit or evaluation, quality month and other activities, so as to gradually achieve excellent performance. Since the establishment of the company, the company has never had any major product quality complaints. In the past years, the qualified rate has reached 100% in the random inspection of the quality and technical supervision department at all levels.

Quality control agency

A product is the output or result of a process. The quality of the product is determined by the quality of the process and the quality of the process is determined by the quality of the system. In order to ensure the quality of systems, processes and products, according to the standard requirements of quality management system, the company uses the system method and process method of management, identifies the required processes and their interface relations, and establishes the quality management structure of the company. Organization chart of the company's quality management system:

At the same time, the company has set up a chief quality officer to determine the responsibilities and authority of the chief quality officer, implement a veto on quality, and comprehensively establish the quality culture of the company. Due to the emphasis on the quality and safety of products and services, the general manager of the company performed the following duties:

1)Participate in the formulation, review and determination of quality strategy;

2)Communicate to the Organization the importance of meeting customer and legal and regulatory requirements;

3)Develop a quality policy;

4)Ensure the setting of quality objectives;

5)Conduct management review;

6)Ensuring access to resources;

7)Personally participate in daily quality meeting and monthly quality meeting;

8)Participate in major product quality review and quality improvement activities;

9)Participate in quality commendation activities;

10)Establish a clear quality accident accountability system and quality safety traceability system.

Quality management system

1、Quality management system policy and objectives

The quality management system established and implemented by the department has formulated the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, based on the market, continuous improvement"; 1) Annual survey, customer satisfaction ≥90%; 2) 100% qualified rate of finished products is the quality target.

In order to continuously improve the company's quality management system, the company makes plans every year to implement every step of the quality management system audit. Look for improvement opportunities through internal audit. At the same time, the company will also make full use of two-party audit, three-party audit opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The introduction of performance excellence management mode, the implementation of total quality management, so that the company's quality management system from continuous improvement to the pursuit of excellence, the establishment of corporate strategy as the core, GB/T 19580 performance excellence model as the framework of the integrated total quality management system. To meet the requirements of customers, employees, suppliers, society and partners, we have established corresponding strategic planning and quality objectives at all levels of the company. Based on the company's performance appraisal system, it has set up quality appraisal KPI and quality accountability system.

2、Quality education

In the process of system operation, the company measures, analyzes and improves the effectiveness of the quality management system and the performance of all departments and levels with a variety of scientific and effective tools based on the PDCA system method. In addition, it adopts benchmarking comparison and learning to constantly revise personal working thoughts and consciousness, so as to ensure the realization of the overall goals of both individuals and the company. The company establishes internal training system, according to the specific situation of the company, carry out various education and training work; Externally, actively communicate with customers, government functional departments and all kinds of training institutions, and invite experts to conduct special training for employees. Based on the system operation and actual quality performance, the company regularly carries out targeted quality education for employees at all levels and conducts special management of quality control points to ensure the consistency of product quality in the manufacturing process.

In order to firmly establish the integrity of all staff awareness, the company at the beginning of each year to develop the annual quality integrity education and training plan. Implement three-level quality and integrity education and training. Education at the first level is organized by the company. According to the requirements of the company, the heads of all departments prepare the education and training plans and contents, and conscientiously organize and implement the education and training of their subordinates. Each team leader is responsible for the staff integrity publicity and education. Company through the website, enterprise wechat group to communicate, using a variety of ways such as morning meeting to implement quality and integrity education for employees. The company will give rewards to the staff with excellent performance in quality and integrity education and training, and also to the staff with exemplary leadership or outstanding performance after the training. At the same time, the company will publicize and promote the experience among the staff. Punishment will be given to employees who do not attend quality and integrity education and training on time or fail to pass the training and assessment.

3、Quality regulation and accountability system

By collecting laws, regulations and other standards and requirements, and formulating internal standards, the company makes its products meet the requirements of national laws and regulations and national and industrial standards (some product indicators are higher than the industrial standards), and practices social responsibility in terms of product technology. At the same time, the company has formulated the management system of unqualified products and the management system of rewards and punishments for abnormal quality, etc., to control the product quality problems, punish or reward the corresponding responsible persons, and follow the principle of not letting go of quality accidents.

Table 1 Quality standards and other relevant laws complied by the Company

The company has developed "internal audit control procedures", "Management Review control procedures", and trained the internal audit team. In order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the system operation, arrange internal audit, process audit and product audit. For the non-conformance found in the audit, the responsible department shall analyze the reasons, formulate corrective or preventive measures, implement the rectification, verify the rectification effect, and finally form an internal audit report to make suggestions on the system rectification and prevention of non-conformance. And as an important input of management review, report to top management.

The company has formulated the Control Procedure of Nonconforming Products and the Control Procedure of Corrective and Preventive Measures to strictly control nonconforming products. The company has developed inspection standards, all in accordance with the inspection standards, the inspection can be passed into the next process or factory. Any unqualified products have clear identification, record, isolation and treatment requirements, all kinds of unqualified products must be re-inspected before entering the next process, or directly scrapped.

At the same time, all the unqualified items will be recorded in detail, and after a special person makes a statistical analysis, the responsible unit will formulate and rectify corrective measures according to the Control Procedure of Corrective and Preventive Measures, and the problem items can be closed only after evaluating the effectiveness of the corrective measures.

In addition, the company conducts accountability and education for quality problems, and emphasizes standardization, full application of PDCA cycle, continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence in daily development and production operations.

Quality and safety risk management

The company controls special processes. In the process from raw materials into the factory to finished products out of the factory all process strictly, strict control of product quality. In the whole process, set up incoming inspection, process inspection, final inspection, etc., layer by layer check. And according to the needs, to carry out the quality management system audit, process audit, product audit and other work.

In terms of quality management and control, the company has established a review and release system to prevent quality and safety risks. The company has formulated the quality and safety emergency plan, and established an emergency leading group with the management as the leader, the quality inspection department manager and sales manager as the deputy leaders, and the Purchasing department, production department, quality inspection Department, finance department and the office as the team members. And clarify the emergency leading group and related departments responsibilities.

In order to respond quickly and effectively reduce risks, the company has also established the "Quality abnormal Reward and Punishment Management System", etc., to prevent and reduce quality safety risks.

The following is a risk management flow chart.

Quality and integrity management

Quality commitment

1)Honesty and law-abiding

Senior leaders follow the "management according to law, integrity management" management philosophy, strictly follow the "Economic law", "Contract Law", "product quality law", "safety production law", "environmental protection law", "labor law" and machinery industry related laws and regulations, and establish the implementation of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, and have passed the certification. We have carried out legal knowledge training for employees, cooperated with government departments to carry out legal education activities, encouraged and praised the "positive energy" of employees, and deepened the integrity and law-abiding style among all employees of the company. The company contract active default rate is zero, never default on bank loans, overdue accounts receivable reduced to a reasonable range, the company's senior and middle-level leaders have no records of violations of laws and discipline, the staff illegal times is zero, in customers, suppliers, employees, society to establish a good image of credit ethics, the company is The State Council to abide by the contract and credit enterprises.

2)Meet customer needs

The company attaches great importance to technology research and development, through independent research and development, the development of various types of metal hard seal ball valve, improve product quality, to provide customers with a high level of products at a high cost performance. The company strengthens R&D investment, focuses on customer needs, actively listens to customers' opinions and suggestions on functions, quality, cost and other aspects, and carries out product improvement and innovation activities to meet customers' demands for products and delivery. In terms of product quality, the company strictly implements the quality management system, and ensures product quality and safety by carrying out technical research and quality improvement activities.
When consumers receive the products, they need to count the quantity and check the appearance of the products. If there is a lack of quantity, scratches and bumps on the appearance of the products, filler products will be replaced free of charge. Product quality guarantee period is 24 months.

Over the years, the company in the whole business activities, strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement signed with all parties, has been highly praised by customers, and is often invited by customers to participate in the development of customers' new projects.

Operation management

1)Product design integrity management

The company's product design and research and development in strict accordance with the "Design Control Procedures", from the research and development project approval, process of all kinds of activity records, research and development process summary, management evaluation control of research and development related to the whole process. Respecting others' knowledge and participating in the protection of intellectual property rights is one of the important contents of our company's design and development.

2)Integrity management of raw materials or parts procurement

According to the degree of risk posed by the material to the product quality, the enterprise will classify the material management. In addition to complying with the legal qualifications, the material supplier should also conduct regular on-site inspection. And special materials risk analysis, annual review of suppliers. And the supplier shall establish the list and quality file. The purchased raw materials shall be inspected in batches, and any raw materials that fail to meet the specified standards shall not be put into storage for use.

3)Production process integrity management

The company has developed and gradually improved various production management systems, working standards, post operation procedures and various process procedures and management procedures. Adopt workshop centralized training and before and after the shift will carry out comprehensive post skills training for the operators of each position, and adopt a variety of ways for supervision and assessment, enhance the quality awareness of employees, improve the level of operation, in the production process, managers at all levels strictly perform management responsibilities, timely inspection, timely correction of errors, to ensure the stability of production order.

The raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials required for production should be reviewed before feeding, the quality of intermediate products and finished products should be well implemented, the "three No principles" of "No production of unqualified products, no acceptance of unqualified products and no transfer of unqualified products" should be strictly implemented, quality control points should be set for key processes, monitoring and verification procedures should be implemented, and strict record management should be carried out to achieve the unity of receiving, distributing and checking. Carry out material balance for each production step, ensure that the input of materials and output quantity of products are consistent with the process requirements, confirm that there is no potential quality trouble, and meet the requirements of consistent account, material and card.

Production records shall be compiled, reviewed and kept by the production Department. Employees must fill in production records as required in time to ensure that the handwriting is clear, the content is true, the data is complete, and the operator and the reviewer sign for confirmation. After the production is finished, the team leader shall summarize and review the records and timely submit them to the production Department. After the production Department or quality control Technical Department has checked the records, they shall be sorted out and filed according to the batch number and managed by special personnel.

According to the characteristics of the industry and the actual situation, the company strengthens the information construction level of the production process, carries on the data collection and monitoring of the whole process in the application of ERP system, and implements systematic management of the entire production process of the company. At the same time, we tapped the internal potential, gave full play to the strength of technical backbone personnel, carried out the continuous transformation or scientific and technological innovation of the existing equipment, set up a technical team, carried out technical research on the weak links, and completed a number of technical research work, error prevention design and automation design and production; Production staff should undergo training and assessment before taking up the post, establish training files for all staff, and strengthen their work skills and quality awareness. Production staff strictly abide by workshop discipline.

4)Integrity management during installation

Before assembling the product, check the list of all parts and accessories. If the parts and accessories are obviously incomplete, do not remove the outer packaging for the time being. After the second check, it is determined that relevant parts and accessories can be provided in time for follow-up logistics support, and then the product is split and installed.

The product must be installed in strict accordance with the regulations and the attached drawings. Drilling, polishing, cutting and welding of the finished product parts are not allowed at the installation site. If the parts are found unqualified or deformed due to packaging, transportation, storage and other reasons during the installation process, the qualified parts should be replaced and installed again.

Accessories used in installation (fasteners, safety screws, caps, etc.) shall be qualified products in line with quality standards.

Marketing management

According to the company's strategic requirements, market segmentation, to improve the effectiveness of resources and operations targeted. The company divides customers into different types. Determine customer needs and expectations for different types of customers, determine appropriate methods according to their needs and expectations, establish the corresponding system and team, establish a variety of channels and methods, targeted understanding of customer needs and expectations.

The company understands the needs and expectations of customers through exhibitions, industry conferences, industry standard committee, public media, Internet, external agencies and other channels, questionnaires, face-to-face or telephone interviews, external commissions and other methods.

Each department of the company regularly collects customer information, sorts and summarizes the customer demand information determined after analysis according to different market segments, forms the demand and expectation database of different customer groups, and summarizes the overall demand characteristics of customer groups in different market segments for reference in product planning, product development and design, process control and other decisions.

The company establishes the service concept of "customer demand-oriented", and requires the business staff to be enthusiastic and thoughtful for any customer, no matter whether he places an order or not, and try to meet all their reasonable needs. Established "Customer satisfaction Control Procedure", "Contract Review Control procedure" and other related processes, from all aspects to increase the skills and quality of business personnel, improve the customer transaction rate.

The company establishes a customer visiting system to timely understand customer needs and satisfaction, in order to improve customer satisfaction.

The company's after-sales service hotline is open 24 hours, and it establishes a quick response mechanism to timely feedback and deal with users' complaints and opinions on problems related to product quality and after-sales service. To respond to customer complaints and comments within 2 hours; Develop and implement interim measures within 2 working days. For some large projects with long operation cycle, after-sales service engineers are stationed at the project site all year round to answer users' questions at any time. Before the product is put into use, the equipment maintenance personnel shall receive safety training. The training time and actual operation training shall not be less than the time and frequency prescribed by the state.

Basis of quality management

Standard management

The company will be enterprise standardization throughout the whole process of production, from raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials procurement, semi-finished products, finished product inspection and other links, have formulated relevant standards or norms. In this way, the whole production process from raw and auxiliary materials into the factory to finished products out of the factory is in the standardized management, which lays a good foundation for the stability of product quality and the improvement of enterprise management level.

Measurement management

The company strictly implements the "Measurement Law of the People's Republic of China" and other documents and regulations, and has established a set of management documents and control methods from raw material procurement, process management, production equipment, inspection equipment, process inspection, finished product inspection and other links. Full-time and part-time metering personnel are responsible for the company's in-use metering equipment management, equipment and regular inspection work, pay attention to the professional training of metering management personnel, for the company's standardization of measurement management provides a strong guarantee.

In order to ensure product quality, strict process control is carried out in the production process, and the measurement management of raw and auxiliary materials in the production process is strengthened to ensure the normal operation of measuring equipment and the accuracy of measurement.

The measuring instruments shall be kept by the measuring staff, a ledger shall be established and registration procedures shall be carried out. The measuring instruments shall be made and verified according to the cycle strictly. On-site inspection and supervision shall be strengthened to master their use and timely deal with problems found. Put forward rectification suggestions for existing problem departments, take active and effective measures to rectify, and lay a solid measurement foundation for the production of high-quality products.

Authentication management

At present, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system certification, the People's Republic of China Special Equipment Manufacturing License (pressure pipeline components), and carried out the "Made in Zhejiang" brand certification process, the company strictly in accordance with international standards to run the improvement system. So that the quality of enterprise products is strongly guaranteed, so that enterprises "manufacture high-quality products, provide high-quality services, create high-quality brands." The quality policy is implemented smoothly. Since the establishment of the factory, the company has never been a major quality complaints, in the past years to accept all levels of quality and technical departments of random inspection, the qualified rate is 100%.

Inspection and testing management

The company through the inspection of incoming goods, to ensure that the purchase department, production department to provide raw and auxiliary materials meet the requirements of the regulations. The quality control department is responsible for the preparation of incoming inspection procedures and the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials. The quality Inspection Department and Purchasing Department are responsible for the disposal of unqualified raw and auxiliary materials; The warehouse is responsible for the purchase quantity of raw and auxiliary materials and the management of incoming and outgoing storage.

In order to ensure that all products have passed the required inspection in the production process before entering the next process, the company has formulated Inspection and Test Control Procedure and Nonconforming Product Control Procedure to carry out strict process inspection. The Quality control Technical Department is responsible for the formulation of process and final inspection and test procedures, and the organization of process inspection; Quality inspector is responsible for the inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

See table below:

Product quality responsibility

Product quality level

The company continues to expand the design and development team, continuous improvement of product technical level and quality performance, has been recognized by global customers and the industry.

The company's business scope has been expanded from the previous domestic market to foreign markets, "Aogong" is not only a domestic brand, but also enjoys high visibility abroad.

Table 3 Awards

1 National high-tech enterprises

2 Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises

3 Wenzhou Science and technology (innovation) enterprise certificate

After-sale liability

The company establishes and implements customer complaint handling procedures to ensure timely and effective handling of customer complaints. Customer complaints shall be handled by full-time personnel, and each complaint shall be closely monitored. According to the differences in the types and degrees of customer complaints, customers shall be the center and pay attention to collecting and solving customer feedback, and necessary corrective/preventive measures shall be taken to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Follow up the process of complaint handling by telephone return visit to understand customer satisfaction.

Company in the ball valve selection, installation, use of the premise of correct, ball valve warranty period for two years after the product delivery. During the product warranty period, in the event of damage or failure to function due to poor manufacturing quality or material defects, ball valve manufacturers or underwriters shall undertake repair and replace the parts free of charge. During the warranty period, in the event of equipment failure due to improper operation or non-quality problems caused by external force majeure, ball valve manufacturers or underwriters shall organize or assist in maintenance as required by customers. After the warranty expires, ball valve manufacturers or underwriters shall continue to provide services based on customer demand and ensure an adequate supply of spare parts.

At the same time, the quality control department of the company regularly monitors customer complaint information, centrally collects recurring problems in the market that affect customer satisfaction and product debugging, and analyzes them to form reports. Organize internal departments to hold product quality meetings regularly, tackle and improve major product quality problems, eliminate quality risks, and improve product quality satisfaction.

Corporate social responsibility

 At the same time of continuous development, the company actively fulfills its public responsibilities, civic obligations and abides by the code of ethics. In terms of public responsibility, the company focuses on environmental protection, occupational health and safety of employees and reducing energy consumption, actively innovates and continuously improves, and has achieved remarkable results. In terms of moral behavior, the company puts forward the talent concept of "cultivation and growth", and takes into account the interests of customers, employees, the government and other relevant parties; In terms of public welfare support, senior leaders take the lead in setting an example, and employees actively participate and give back to society.

1)Public responsibility

The company seeks the harmonious development of enterprise and environment, under the reasonable profit and economic benefits, actively invest in equipment and technology. Through the risk identification of the company's possible harm to the society in the operation of the enterprise, and strictly comply with various relevant laws and regulations, take a variety of effective governance measures, so as to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, maintain the social public interests.

The company's products, production and operation processes have little impact on environmental pollution and social risks, but the company still attaches great importance to environmental impact control, strictly implements relevant national laws and regulations, establishes and implements environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, and formulates and implements the Emergency Response Plan and other systems and management methods. Organize and sign the safety management target responsibility letter every year; Establish safety early warning mechanism and safety accident emergency handling mechanism; Carry out fire drills and emergency assembly drills regularly every year to achieve environmental and safety goals; At the same time, the company has formulated energy conservation management system and resource recovery and utilization system to recycle and utilize available resources. Through annual internal audit, two-party audit and third-party supervision and audit, the company analyzes and evaluates the company's problems in quality management, environmental protection, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, health and safety, and takes measures to improve them.

2)Moral behavior

The moral behavior of the company is mainly manifested as: responsible for senior leaders, middle-level leaders and employees within the company; Responsible for suppliers among enterprises; Responsible for customers, government and society outside the enterprise.

Within the enterprise: For the middle-level leaders, the establishment of a number of leading cadres clean work, in order to improve the moral and management level of the middle-level leaders. For employees of the company, there are various administrative systems and other binding norms.

Between enterprises: For suppliers, the company has a good partnership with them, regular meetings and exchanges.

External: For customers, ensure quality and compliance with contracts. The quality of the company's products mainly implements three standards, one is the same as the national quality laws and regulations, one is the quality standards within the industry, and the other is the quality requirements of the enterprise itself. Relatively speaking, because of the company's leading position in the industry, its own standards are often higher than the national or industrial standards, and the product quality is widely praised. For the government: pay taxes according to law, honesty and self-discipline. Paying taxes according to law is the basic moral bottom line of an enterprise and also an important guarantee for the sound development of economy and society. As a leading enterprise in the industry, it is the due responsibility and obligation for the company to pay tax according to law.

3)Public welfare support

The company emphasizes corporate social responsibility and sincere return to society. The chairman attaches great importance to the cause of public welfare support, vigorously advocates and sets an example. The leaders of the company will also make unremitting efforts to develop the cause of public welfare with the continuous development of the enterprise. The company plans the cost of public welfare support and the direction of public welfare support annually according to the enterprise strategy.

Quality credit record

Since the establishment of the company, the company has never had any major quality complaints. In the past years, the qualified rate has reached 100% in the random inspection of quality and technology departments at all levels.

Conclusion of the report

Quality and integrity construction is the common responsibility of the whole society, we need to make joint efforts. We will continue to work hard, integrity management, assume the responsibility of the first person responsible for the quality and safety of the enterprise, for the healthy, orderly and sound and rapid development of the industry to make our due contribution!

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